Moroccan Rug Restoration Services Will Bring Life Back To Your Rug

When a Moroccan rug has been serving you well for decades, it's likely restoration will be required soon. Restoration services like the ones our experts deliver are highly sought after, mainly because they save Moroccan rug owners from having to get expensive rug replacements.
If you've been looking for a first-rate team that delivers Moroccan rug cleaning in Long Island, you’ve found that in us. But we also provide a wide range of Moroccan rug restoration services, and these are typically delivered before a rug cleaning can even take place.
Whether you need rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, or rug fringing, our trusted and experienced rug restoration experts can help you. No rug is too old or complex for our experts, nor is any job too big.


When You Should Get Rug Recoloring

Rug recoloring is a service that Moroccan rug owners need sometimes. Moroccan rugs are bought in large part because they provide so much visual appeal, and the patterns these rugs boast are unique to the part of the world from which they come. A rug recoloring will bring vibrancy and boldness back to your Moroccan rug, and you'll never have to worry about the rug dye running or your rug’s complex pattern being diminished.
When you get your recolored rugs back, they'll be ready for use immediately. Our recoloring service is affordable, and we'll be done with recoloring before you even notice your rug is gone.

Rug Reweaving Is A Useful Restoration Service

Moroccan rug owners will need rug reweaving at least once a year; if your rug is older, it can benefit from getting this twice a year. Rug reweaving is a service that will save you from putting your rug out in the trash too soon. Moroccan rugs, just by the way they're designed, are prone to unraveling, and our rug reweaving service is exactly what will fix this problem. When we're done with reweaving, your rug will be sturdy and visually attractive.

Get Rug Binding From Our Experts

Rug binding is another useful rug restoration service, one that is sought after by those who don't want to invest in a new Moroccan rug. Using either binding tape or a special sewing machine, we’ll bind your rug so it’s sound for many years to come. A rug binding service is something we can deliver quite quickly, and this won't break your bank either. We don't only bind Moroccan rugs, as we can bind any kind of rug or carpet.

When It's Necessary To Get Rug Fringing

Rug fringing is an important rug restoration service, and while we don't deliver this one often, it's one that can save you from having to put your rug out in the trash. A rug’s fringe is like its backbone, and when this gets damaged it's only a matter of time before the rest of the rug goes with it. We can stop the degradation process in its tracks with our fringing service, and when we're done you won't have to worry about your rug unraveling.